Truth or Dairy

Danielle is a truly amazing person to have in my corner. Let me explain.

For months, inflammation — likely due to my psoriasis — has been slowly building in my fingers, my elbows, my knees, the soles of my feet. In some cases it feels like a dull tightness, in other cases it feels like a mild form of paralysis, and in the worst cases (especially in my fingers when I’ve been typing) it feels like tiny lightning bolts of pain.

In every case, it makes me concerned about my ability to hold my small children for the next half decade, and to play with them for much longer than that.

In every case, it also makes me feel old as dirt.

A month ago, unsolicited by me, Danielle researched natural remedies and found me three supplements — including turmeric — that managed to bring me noticeable relief within a week or two. Who knew that all-natural medicine is the real deal? Still, there was enough residual discomfort to make me wonder what else I could do.

So two weeks ago, out of the sheer goodness of her heart, Danielle hatched a plan to help me battle my inflammation through the most direct means possible — the food I put into my body. She asked me if I wanted to try cutting all gluten and dairy out of my diet for 3 weeks. She told me she would plan her grocery shopping accordingly and research gluten-free dinners she can make for us. And she told me she would join me in the venture out of solidarity.

I was frankly honored that she would care enough about me to put this much effort into a solution for my aching old bones, and to put her own skin in the game too. Especially when I know how much she loves pretzels and whole-wheat bread. For my part, I cringed at the thought of renouncing bread and cheese, which as we all know are the staple ingredients of some of the world’s most delicious foods. But I was willing to try anything to make my body fully functional once again.

So that’s what we did. For 2 full weeks, we’ve both eaten zero gluten and zero dairy. Less processed food and more whole food. Like fruits, vegetables, nuts, chickpeas, beans, rice, rice cakes and rice pasta, and tons of peanut butter.

And I feel fantastic.


My inflammation has subsided quite a bit, even more than with the supplements alone. But the most exciting development is that I simply feel more energetic. I rarely hit a wall in the afternoon, which had started to become par for the course. Family walks, which had grown oddly wearying, are once again sources of rejuvenation. I have the pep back in my step.

I’m not a nutritionist, and I certainly don’t claim to know the silver nutritional bullet for any body except my own. All I know is: this works for me. Something was ailing me, and I found an all-natural solution that made me feel great. And it feels good to feel great.

Which brings me back to my central premise — Danielle is a truly amazing person to have in your corner. All the credit for finding and executing a natural remedy to my creaking, inflamed bones belongs to her. She gladly and unbegrudgingly gave up foods that she loves for the sake of standing by me in my quest to feel better.

If you ever find yourself with someone who has that level of warmth, understanding, and commitment to your well-being, my advice is this: Hold onto them for dear life.

That’s my plan.

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